CA Smoak

2020 Brown



Marquee Diamond


RC Calcetas

RC Calcetas
Marquee is the mother of our blue roan stallion, CA Skye Blue. He is a special athlete and just such a pleasure to be around for a stallion. This colt has the makings for a stallion too. While we were hoping for a black coat color, and it doesn't appear that we're getting that, he IS going to be really dark. More importantly, he has a gorgeous head, nice long neck, big hip and a pedigree that will help some programs. We think he may have stallion potential.  If you don't think so, he will make a stunning gelding. 

This colt sold at the Lazy JS Ranch's 61st annual production sale in Bowman ND on August 15, 2020.

 Sold to Charlie T, North Dakota