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Congratulations to Greg & Diane G, Illinois
on their purchase of
LJSR Sterling
 We love him! Pictures don't do him justice; he is gorgeous! A very special Heart felt THANK YOU to the Carter family for sharing the opportunity to own such a wonderful stallion and a big part of your breeding program. Not to mention a portion of your ❤️. Thanks again
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Congratulations to Mike & Devon C, Idaho
on their purchase of
LJSR Martini and LJSR Raven
Congratulations to Allison K, Iowa
on her purchase of
CA King Chex
(Allison also owns a second colt that we bred. That colt's mother was sold as a bred mare.)
" I wanted to say thank you guys for breeding such amazing horses. Every day I am more and more impressed. I started tarp work today and started by laying it on the ground. I couldn't even get it fully out before these two were walking over it. I dragged it around waving it in the air and they followed right with me as it went around their legs and heads. Then I stood by each of them and was rubbing it over their heads and bodies draping it over them and they didn't even flinch. Nothing seems to phase these two. They have great minds and stop to think before they react to things. 
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