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The Carter Family....Left to Right
Nada, Brady, Levi, Kyerra, Quincy, Zach, Dale
Now that the kids are mostly grown, the roles have changed around the farm, however, at crunch time, many of them can be found helping us out in myriad ways. 
Dale-Resident nutritionist and farm manager; training assistant
Nada: Specializes as head trainer and promotion guru
Quincy: Head branding artist
Levi: We're happy if he shows up once in awhile
Brady: Sheep specialist of the farm, but assists with the horses when needed
Kyerra: Resident youth horse enthusiast and accomplished trainer herself
Zach: Quieting artist
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Carter Acres Quarter Horses
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Dale or Nada Carter and family
26708 County Road 10
Starbuck, MN 56381
320.424.2959 or 320.424.2957
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