Carter Acres Horses in Sales

A wise individual told us that sometimes you have to sell the good ones--and sometimes at less than they're worth--in order to gain a following. He was right. He also told us that he always hoped that everyone who bought one, made money when they sold one (if they chose to do that.) That way everyone wins and hopefully they'd be back when they need another good mount. We agree with his philosophy. Here are a few that we know of that we think are doing us and their new owners proud.
Annie & Josh Wood
and Fullmer Performance Horses
(JD and Bailey Fullmer)
and CA Morganite

On the tremendous showing of CA Morganite for the Billings Livestock Sale in October 2021. Though she didn't sell, she commanded an impressive $6000 bid, the best seen for a two year old while we watched. We'll look forward to seeing more of her on the riding performance page as her training continues! (CA Morganite is eligible for the Ranch Horse Extravaganza in Mason City Iowa in September 2022. Idaho is a long way to come, but maybe!!)
RanchHorseExtravaganza-Logo-transformed bg removed.png
CA Morganite 2021
Morgan unsaddled profile.png
CA Red Rock Sorrel Gelding
John Clark
and CA Red Rock

2020 Diamonds of the Desert
Premier Horse Sale Entry
June 26, 2020 
Reno, NV
Houck Horse Co
and Frost My Sterling
A Carter Acres bred gelding made the cut into the prestigious Diamond McNabb gelding sale! We sold Four L Lady Jackie in foal to LJSR Sterling Roan and "Cherry Bomb" was the resulting foal. He didn't grow up here, but he was bred here! Congratulations to Houck Horse Company for making him into the horse he is today and for the impressive top 20% sale price of $23,000 as just a four-year-old! 
Frosty My Sterling.jpg
Frost My Sterling 2020 Diamond
Knox Family
 CA Tanzanite, CA Duke of Bolton, CA Damien Dark
CA Tanzanite.jpg
While all these gelding sold well, CA Damien Dark commanded an impressive $17,000 in the Winter Triangle Sale in Oklahoma City in January 2022 as a coming 2 year old!
Duke of Bolton as a yearling.jpg
Damien Dark Winter 2022.jpg
CA Smokin Joe
2009 gelding by LJSR Sterling Roan

Sold in the 2016 Diamond McNabb gelding sale
for $23,000 (3rd high seller of 86)
CA Smokin Joe aka Bond 2016.jpg
CA Smokin Joe aka Bond 3.2016.jpg
CA Regal Canyon
2007 gelding by LJSR Poco Hook

 A high selling gelding in the 
Southwest Select Quarter Horse Sale
North Dakota
CA Regal Canyon 2015.jpg
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