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Ranch Horse Extravaganza & Futurity
Mason City, IA
Sept 2-4, 2022

Dale, Nada, Kyerra and Kyerra's boyfriend, Hunter, along with friends, Kelly Anderson and Julie and Shannon Kill, participated in the inaugural Ranch Horse Extravaganza and Futurity in September 2022. CA Queen Sheba, CA Hawkeye, CA Diesel, CA Harry Wells and CA Akadia all participated. So fun...and exhausting! The three of our own that we showed were in 21 classes! Nada participated on Sheba with right around 10 rides on her; pretty fabulous that she could handle the environment; speaks volumes to good mindedness. Diesel, also as a yearling with little show exposure, did very well. Can't wait to see how he does next year. Hawkeye actually placed well enough to earn a little money; still waiting to see how much. Busy days for sure, but some great connections and fun with our friends. And this year, Julie was chief photographer and got some great shots--thank you! 
CA Hawkeye (Hunter riding); CA Black Sheba (Nada riding) and CA Harry Wells (Shannon ridin
CA Diesel, yearling conformation
CA Harry Wells owned and shown by Shannon K, MN
CA Queen Sheba, Ride #10, ranch riding warm-up
CA Sheba (Kyerra handler), CA Hawkeye (Nada handler) and CA Diesel (Dale handler)_edited.j
CA Queen Sheba, open ranch horse conformation
CA Harry Wells and CA Queen Sheba
CA Hawkeye, ridden by Hunter H
CA Diesel; yearling fundamentals
CA Queen Sheba, Nada & Dale
No nomination fees! This futurity is different! Enroll the stallion in a given year and anything that is a yearling, 2 year old or 3 year old is eligible to compete!  5 offspring of Skye's competed in 2022 with plans to go back stronger in 2023! 
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