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Stallion Battery

We are extremely proud of these beautiful and versatile stallions. We are focused on disposition and athleticism and all four excel in these areas. All are also dual registered in the Foundation Quarter Horse Association and produce beautiful, athletic and great minded foals.  Take a look!

CA Skye Blue 2014 Blue Roan Stallion 92.46% Foundation
When we began looking for a blue roan stallion to complement our mares, we went to MANY sales over several years and looked at hundreds of horses....what we found was that the quality of stallion prospect we wanted was nearly impossible to find....and then Skye was born. Conformationally handsome in all doll head, short back, big hip, nice bone, nice size, both foundation and performance blood in his pedigree and a stellar disposition and trainable mind to boot.....we had raised what we sought after! After just brief riding, I can tell he's one of the most athletic horses I've ever ridden....and SOOOO fun!! If I could change one thing, Skye carries one copy of the GBED gene; if a mare is negative, it's a non-issue. We have recently enrolled Skye in the Iowa Ranch Horse Stallion Breeders Program and Futurity. All of Skye's 2021 and 2022 foals are eligible for the futurity if properly nominated. He is also enrolled in the Ranch Horse Extravaganza and Futurity.  These promise to be exciting events as the numbers are large and the quality is great! We anticipate having several horses at each in 2022.
CA Skye Blue_edited.jpg
Skye2021 (77).JPG
Skye2021 (8).JPG
Skye 2024 Flier.jpg
CA Skye Blue pedigree
CA Indigo Cat 2019 Blue Roan Stallion 89.72% Foundation
Spur C merged.png
CA Indigo Cat
We searched and searched for a blue roan stallion that we thought put together the entire package of conformation, disposition, athleticism and pedigree, that was also 5 panel negative. After looking at hundreds of horses, we decided it would be easier to produce one than to find one. We're pretty excited about our result! Spur will begin training in March 2021 and we're super excited to see where he takes our program! He is five panel negative. 
Sweet San Dually 2015 Red Roan Stallion 89.85% Foundation


   In an effort to add some current performance blood to our pedigrees, we sought some new blood and found Dually.  Catty and quick, he promises to add even more athleticism and great bone to the foals we're producing. Dually is 5-panel negative. We recently enrolled Dually in the Ranch Horse Extravaganza and Futurity to be held in Mason City, Iowa on Labor Day weekend in 2022. All of Dually's 2021, 2020 and  2019 foals are eligible to compete and there are NO nomination fees! 
Swee San Dually
RanchHorseExtravaganza-Logo-transformed bg removed.png
Sweet San Dually
Dually D merged.png
Sweet San Dually pedigree
RC Calcetas 2007 Black Stallion 85.60% Foundation SOLD
    Big boned, well balanced and extremely pretty headed, RC adds all of those elements to his foals along with a very kind and easy going temperment. His foals are proving to be easy to train and versatile in their talents. Currently, a two year old is training for Mounted Shooting and a six year old gelding is slated for the Premier Diamonds in the Desert horse sale in Reno, NV. RC is 5-panel negative.


RC Calcetas
RC merged.png
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