Youth and Carter Acres Horses

We work especially hard to make disposition a priority in our breeding program. The goal is dispositions that most anyone, even a novice, can get along with. As evidenced on this page with a number of youth, we feel like we're on the right track! Looking for a youth project? Come check us out! In addition, we're happy to make ourselves available for questions as you and your youth learn.

Rick & DaLauna Potts Family
and CA Moonshine

Getting it done on the ranch at work and at play! It will be super fun to see where this duo goes! 
Dragging a calf
Trick saddle
Shorty roping calves
Dally up
Shorty ribbon race
Ashley VanderVoort
and CA Halo

Super proud of Ashley as she's training Halo herself. Grand Champion in 4-H Walk Trot. Training with plans for Little Britches Rodeo ahead!
GC Walk Trot Pleasure.jpg
Jump Fig 8.jpg
Campbell Family
CA Eva McCulloch and CA Shadow
North Dakota

Colts quiet enough for youth, just days after weaning. Aren't those smiles just PRICELESS?!! 
Cambell 1.jpg
Cambell 2.jpg
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