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Goals to aspire to!! Frosty My Sterling, a 2016 son of LJSR Sterling Roan, bred at Carter Acres (but not born here as we sold his mother in foal), recently sold at the Diamond McNabb sale in Douglas Wyoming for $23,000! I have a hard time fathoming how anyone can pay 5 digits for a horse.....but I sure would like to be on the receiving end of the check sometime!! We've been told different times that if you want what someone else need to do what they do! SO....I'm planning to work on the skills that I NEED in order to make a horse worthy of a price tag this big.....did you catch that?? Skills that I NEED.....the horses we're breeding have the skills they need.....I just need to be able to harness them. One of the things I'm planning if all works out is to participate in a versatility clinic in July and another is to participate in a futurity in September...both completely new to me and out of my comfort zone for sure! Looking forward with excitement....and honestly...some anxiety....but the five digit sale is a pretty big carrot dangling out in front of me. It could change our financial life if I could even accomplish half of that......What goal/dream do YOU have that needs a commitment to learning new skills? Go for it!! We aren't promised have nothing to lose...and so much to gain. I'm rooting for you!

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