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Where has the summer gone??

Wow. Here we are the middle of July already. The foals are growing like weeds and well on their way to being responsible citizens as they've all been haltered and tied with mama already. They did so great.....very little resistance to the halter and after playing with them with it for awhile, I think only one even tightened his rope the first time we tied. Part of that is breeding good minds....which we strive to do. Part of it is making sure the fundamental training is right....teaching them to move when pressure is applied and then rewarding them when they do. Part of it is sensible mommas who give them a good example to follow.

Registration applications are mostly done and ready to send to AQHA. I need to double check those and get a few last photos. Pictures are done for the catalog and the catalog is at the printer. I think we took nearly 1000 photos to get 80 or so that we keep. It's a big process! But so rewarding when these babies go to new homes with excited new owners who will take them to the next level. We've met so many great people through the horses.....can't wait to meet some more this August!

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