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CA Rusty
2023 Red
Roan Colt


Pippas 2023
CA Pippa

CA Pippa


Sweet San Dually

Sweet San Dually
Pippa is a pretty, deep barreled roan mare that is a daughter of our best broodmare, JoJos Valley Queen. Pippa has proven herself impressively in the production department as well. This colt promises to uphold the tradition. He has that gorgeous big soft doe eye in such a pretty head! With a stellar foundation pedigree on his mother's side and legends like Peptoboonsmal and Dual Pep on his top side, he'll be a contender in the arena or useful on the ranch. He is being retained to make a high end gelding. Pippa and Dually are both 5 panel negative, so he is 5 panel negative by parentage.
Being retained to develop as a gelding.
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