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CA Snowden
2022 Perlino

Snowden (22)_edited.jpg
CA Snowden_edited.jpg
Sleepy Hickory Sug

Sleepy Hickory Sug (aka Navajo)


CA Skye Blue

CA Skye Blue_edited.jpg
Navajo is one of the prettiest broodmares you'll ever see! While Snowden didn't get her black points, he DID get his excellent conformation from her. Pretty head, big hip and blue eyes (that some seek after!) this colt is guaranteed to throw color on your sorrel and bay mares; maybe something to check out if you're needing to add some color to your mix. Snowden is a full brother to last year's high selling colt and the two year old colt we selected for futurities (pictured below.) 
Brent R, MN
CA Nash
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