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A little thing....that isn't so little

Updated: May 1, 2020

It's early in the season. The horses are dirty and oh, so hairy!! Shedding like mad and every time you touch them you get hair in your face, probably in your mouth and DEFINITELY on your clothes!! So let's just leave them alone until they're all shed off, right?? WRONG!! Use this time to endear yourselves to your young horses! Today so far, we've taken four yearlings that have hardly been touched all winter and curried legs, bellies, jaws and everywhere else that itches like crazy! And you know what....they LOVED it! And guess what didn't just get them clean and camera ready (or least!), it's also a precursor to saddling, trimming their feet and just great for helping them be better horses all around. So....use this time wisely! And if this is our yearlings at "ugly duckling stage," I think we're going to be OK!

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