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We said Goodbye today....

Today we said some hard to senior stallion, LJSR Sterling Roan and one to our most productive broodmare, Queen Jessamun. People often ask us how we can sell them. "Don't you get attached?" they'll say. If I truly think about it, I guess there's no super simple answer. There's kind of a "yes/no" answer. My parents, Russ and Fran Silha, established a production sale for selling weanling foals in 1959....several years before I was even born. So I have been selling foals (and horses) for that matter, for as long as I remember. I've never NOT done it. So for that reason, it feels "normal." And the sale itself has SO many fond memories. First and foremost, it brings our family together for several days of work and comradarie that likely wouldn't happen otherwise.....we cherish those days. Then there's the fabulous people that have become forever friends. We look forward to catching up each year and truly miss them if they can't come for some reason. There's the Gartins, originally from Colorado (I think???) and now from Texas and Missouri that have been coming since I was a young girl...Charlie and Ann Thompson....not sure how long they've been coming....but it's been a long time and recently, daughter Denise has joined them! We can't wait to see these people and so many more each year. Then there's the newer families that have shown up...the Corbridges' from Idaho, Ostbys from Minnesota and Johnson's from Maryland who've used some of our breeding in the early stages of their own breeding programs. It's so satisfying to have people think enough of your program to use our horses as seedstock. It's also really fun to hear about our horses in many disciplines excelling for others....a small way for us to help our fellow man I guess. Another lesson from my dad....he always felt that re-homing them while they still had several good years left was easier than keeping them until their life's end. Today, Queenie came to her life's end...with a difficult and too early birth. Having lost her today and several others over the course of time for one reason or another, I have to agree with my is better. SO.... most of the time....selling one doesn't bother me much....because I look forward them doing something good for someone else. I had to keep that in mind today as we put Sterling on a slant trailer (first time he'd done we haul in an open stock trailer) to head to his new owners in Illinois. I am so excited for Greg and Diane to add him to their program. He has been such a pivotal sire for us....and though I made it through loading without any tears....they were just at the I guess sometimes, if I stop long enough to reflect....I do get a little attached to some. as good to them as you've been to us.....may your pastures always be green.... And in peace sweet girl. You will live on through the daughters and granddaughters that are here. We'll miss you both.

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