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Diamonds in the Desert

It's just a horse sale. We've been doing one for 60 years so what's the big deal? Both of those statements are true. It is a horse sale and we've been doing one for 60 years so to most it doesn't sound like it's a big deal. Shoot, even family members closest to me don't think it's a big deal so why should I?

I'll tell you why. Breeders work for years and years trying to perfect the matchings of mares and stallions. Finding the best conformation and disposition crosses. Working at making marketable pedigrees. Cultivating and nourishing relationships that turn into friendships with countless people.

We've sold from six to 20 something foals for nearly 20 years. I don't know the exact number but it's easily a couple hundred horses over that period of time. We sell them all over the United States and a vast majority we never hear about again. That doesn't mean they're bad horses. In fact, frequently, they stay with one family for years and years, doing everyday ranch work or carrying kids and adults from point A to point B. And that's great!

Occasionally we'll get some pictures showing us how one has grown up or in action (actually got several from a customer just today!) but it isn't often. When we do, it's a nice confirmation that what we're doing matters to someone. But THIS. This sale, a prestigious one (the FIRST in Reno) is an acknowledgement that the horses we've been breeding can compete with the BEST in the country (last year's sale in Las Vegas averaged $23,000!) An acknowledgement that our hard work is paying off....even if we're not the name on the paycheck. While we can't take credit for any of the training of the horse entered here (CA Red Rock), other than his early handling and halter breaking, it is so gratifying and humbling to know that we're on to something really good. With that, our very best wishes to John Clark and Dollar in Reno....Knock 'em dead! And we hope we can come watch the fun!

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