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Trying new things....

How are you at trying new things? It's important that you become really GOOD at trying new things! Why??? Well, take this pandemic for example. We all need to learn to adapt to new ways of meeting, like conference calls, Facebook Live and Zooms. Some of us have been doing them for awhile, but for others, it's brand new. For those willing to adapt, this adoption of technology can open a whole new world....maybe a way to see those long distance grandkids nearly "in person!" In the horse realm, it means opening up your mind to new techniques there too. For instance, growing up, we NEVER had a horse chiropractor out.....maybe it wasn't even a thing yet....or maybe we just didn't. I'm not sure. At any rate, I was a bit skeptical. I love my own chiropractor but wasn't sure an equine chiropractor could be effective on such a large animal. Well, last spring we had an occurrence that caused us to open up to the possibility of a chiropractor. Our daughter's main show mare foaled with twins coming together. As you might imagine, this very abnormal presentation wreaked havoc on her body. The foals didn't make it but fortunately we saved the mare. However, she had thrown a hip out so severely that it didn't look like it would ever be right. We let her rest for awhile to see if it would correct itself. It did not. Our veterinarian didn't express much optimism that we could return her to breeding or riding soundness. We were distraught.....that's where the chiropractor came in. We had nothing to lose and everything to gain if Echo came out of her issue. So we took her.....ONE treatment (probably recommended to have more) but ONE treatment and months of rest, fixed the lameness issue that she had!! She has been ridden multiple times since and has been perfect. We have a yearling filly now that was injured in the shoulder region as a baby and through chiropractic treatments, we're seeing marked improvement in her injury. I'm not saying it will fix everything....but our experience has been very positive! Pictured is CA Echo Canyon and Kyerra in a 4-H Horse Show prior to her injury.

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Donna Eszlinger
Donna Eszlinger
27. Apr. 2020

enjoy reading your interesting stories on your blog,, those saddle memories, wow, special for sure, and so worth sharing. good job Nada,, keep it up..

Gefällt mir
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